AI characters for
your virtual world

Increase players' engagement and monetization opportunities by connecting your NPCs or bots to our emotional brain enabling them to talk, animate and perform tasks for your virtual community.
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Our features

Enable your players to engage in personal conversations with AI characters
Entertain your players with emotional face and body animations and enable them to teach AI character new moves
Unlock the procedural generation of quests by having AI characters perform actions upon players' requests.

Why AI characters?

+60% playtime

AI characters help you turn boring interactions into unique engaging experiences that hook players to the gameplay.

2x retention

Hyper-personalised, procedurally-generated interactions will increase the number of players returning to the game, improving your LTV.

Monetization ­čÜÇ

Unlock new ways to extract value from your virtual experience through immersive ads, premium experiences and in-game purchases.

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Flippit Studio

A no-code tool to automate the end-to-end creation of AI characters!


Style your character

From appearance to clothing and accessories, dive into our intuitive platform and effortlessly style your AI characters, ensuring they stand out and engage your audience in unforgettable ways.

Craft its personality

Feed it public and private knowledge and choose its personality traits to define its conversational and behavioural style. Seamlessly blend its digital existence with real emotions and make it your company's or brands' voice in the digital world.

Place it in your digital world

With effortless integration , you can seamlessly merge your characters into the digital landscape, allowing them to interact, engage, and enthrall your audience. Elevate the depth and realism of your 3D worlds with our powerful platform and unleash the full potential of your AI characters.