The no-code tool for AI characters

Flippit is building the first no-code tool empowering creators to craft personalities for interactive and animated AI characters for the next generation of virtual experiences.

Say goodbye to tedious scripting and hello to natural, unscripted interactions that bring your virtual world to life.

It's time for you to free your imagination, create unique characters and let your community have fun with them.

Our Solution

Flippit Studio takes all the pain away from character creation. It enables you to populate your virtual experiences with engaging AI characters capable of immersive interactions with your audience. All in just a few clicks.

Endless  dialogue possibilities

Unleash the power of generative AI by enabling infinite conversations and learn from your players.​​

You are still in control of the content: there’s just no more need to think about every dialogue possibility.​

Seamless animations

Animating characters is one of the most complicated tasks in game development.​​
Flippit  removes the need for complex behavioural trees allowing creators to focus on what matters: building fun experiences.​

Engaging behaviours

Make sure players can have fun for real with your characters leveraging our behavioural generation engine. You suggest the character what to do and it will find the best way to do it by - whether it is building a tree or telling a joke about dumb non-player characters

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